I am a visual artist and designer currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I received my MFA from MassArt in 2014. I attended Chelsea College of Art and Design in London after completing a BA in Art History at Cornell University.  Since  2005 I’ve lived in London, Brooklyn, San Francisco and Atlanta.  This constant displacement of self greatly informs my work as I draw inspiration from the varying cultures and aesthetics that I have experienced.  Moving and traveling continually tests my boundaries and puts me in situations outside my comfort level, challenging me to be hyper-aware of myself and others.

The blue suitcase belongs to my mother, and is on permanent loan to me. I stumbled upon it in the basement while home from my first year at art school. I had been looking for turpenoid when I noticed this small, blue suitcase collecting dust next to my mother’s other art supplies. My art practice has always been entangled with my mother’s own artistic pursuits, as she was the one who first taught me how to draw and encouraged my growing passion for the practice.  I opened the suitcase and was thrilled to find her old oil paints, brushes and a small wooden palette.  Handmade wooden partitions had been built into the interior just for the purpose of housing art supplies. As I squeezed the tubes of paint, I could feel that they were still good, but as I tried to open them I found that almost all had been tightly sealed from years of non-use; the caps wouldn’t even budge with pliers. I brought the suitcase upstairs to inquire after its history. My dziadzio (grandpa) made it for her when she expressed an interest in art.  This suitcase travels with me wherever I go, housing my art supplies and reminding me to keep pushing forward.


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  1. I like the new template. Pretty and smart and tough. Like someone else I know.

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