In June, the magazine Art+Auction put out a “50 under 50” list of artists deemed “the next most collectible artists”. I’m always wary of these types of lists because I question who is doing the picking and why – what motive is behind these lists or are they just looking at current market trends. The editors confirm that it’s not a list of emerging artists but one that brings together artists who have been gaining momentum over the past several years. There were some familiar names on the list, but many that were new to me (not shocking as I’m in the initial stages of educating myself on contemporary art). I decided to showcase the ones that stood out to me. Of course it’s hard knowing what work you really are drawn to when encountering images via the internet, but these were the ones that made me want to check out the artist’s website and look at other work – and definitely seek out their work in person.

Hayv Kahraman

Artist’s website (click HERE

Triangle. Oil on Linen. 44"x66"  2012

Triangle. Oil on Linen. 44″x66″ 2012

There are so many things I love about this painting. There is a strong visual tension created by the flatness of the yellow and green dresses and the weight of the women’s bodies. The triangle itself can be read as occupying one of two different planes – either receding back into space or sitting flat on the surface.

Laura Owens

Artist website (click HERE)

Untitled, 2013, Acrylic, Flashe and oil on canvas, 137.5 x 120" [image taken from artist website]

Untitled, 2013, Acrylic, Flashe and oil on canvas, 137.5 x 120″ [image taken from artist website]

I enjoy the way Owens uses color in her work and plays with texture and composition. The surface is activated in this painting through the layering of broad washes of color and a crisp grid so that each component pops out at you.

Jorinde Voigt

Artist website (click HERE)

Jorinde Voigt "Piece for Words and Views II," 2012 Colored vellum, ingres paper, pencil and ink on watercolor paper

Jorinde Voigt “Piece for Words and Views II,” 2012
Colored vellum, ingres paper, pencil and ink on watercolor paper

This image stood out to me because of the juxtaposition of crisp pencil lines with the very flat opaque areas of color. I also am a fan of diagrams, and this one has a great energy about it.

Brenna Youngblood

More about the artist HERE

"187," 2010 Color photograph, acrylic paint, artist's tape on canvas

Brenna Youngblood “187” 2010 Color photograph, acrylic paint, artist’s tape on canvas

Collage is one of those medias that seems straight forward and simple, yet is extremely hard to pull off. Youngblood creates a striking image through her assemblage of photograph, tape, and paint. I would love to see this work in person and see how those red lines interact with the beige and blue background. I believe this painting would be satisfying both from a distance and up close. It might be my favorite image out of the entire group. It’s one that I want to keep looking at and discover more about.

Adam Pendleton

Artist website (click HERE)

Adam Pendleton "Nothing But a Man," 2012 Silkscreen ink on Mylar

Adam Pendleton “Nothing But a Man,” 2012. Silkscreen ink on Mylar

The grid is what makes this image. I don’t believe I would be as drawn to it if it were simply the photograph. There is a great deal of mystery in the way that it is cropped, as it hides much of the identity of the subject, which heightens the raw emotional moment we are witness to. The close proximity to the subject’s face makes the image intimate, but the grid keeps the viewer out and creates a caged boundary for the figure. It informs the viewer that he is not part of this space and really makes you aware of your own gaze.

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**all images taken from the BLOUIN ArtInfo website unless noted otherwise**