Let’s go back to 2012. In the world of fashion that may as well be a lifetime ago, but now that we’re halfway into 2013 I am very disappointed in the lack of hats I see in the streets. We were promised this return to hats, and I looked forward to my future travels with hat boxes (because it always looked so glamourous in the movies). Perhaps the hats are still to come, but what I really want is the paired down street version of what Marc Jacobs was doing last year for Louis Vuitton and his own collection. Who doesn’t want to dress in a depression-era style cat-in-the-hat like costume? I surely do. Or just have that romance a big hat and elegant dress brings.

Constance Jablonksi louis vuitton bazaar australia sept cover


cat in hat


To bring it back to art for a moment. I’m not just gushing over fashion. These looks completely inspired the direction I’m going in at the moment with my paintings. I find it fascinating when trends go towards totally covering up a women to then stripping her down. These looks may not reveal much of the body, but there is intense psychological undertones with the way they are bound and encased by fabric.

marc jacobs Marc-Jacobs Spring-13-Destined-Streetwear-Fodder_Marc-Jacobs-hat