I’ve been hesitant to put any of my recent work online as it’s all very new and I don’t know where any of it is going. It’s good to step back, though, and evaluate where you are so the next ideas can come.  I read a great quote this week from Alberto Burri: “Painting for me is a freedom attained, constantly consolidated, vigilantly guarded so as to draw from it the power to paint more.” Every work produced leads to the next thought, the next drawing, the next piece.  There can be no mistakes because you learn from each piece.  It’s taken me longer than I’d like to admit to get to a point where I honestly believe that last sentence.  I used to get so worried about wasting paper and ink, but now I see that if I get so caught up in preserving materials then I will never allow my work to develop at the right pace.

I’m calling this series “Little Women” as they are little thoughts, beginnings… I’m excited to see where they will go. Each piece is 5×7 inches and are monotype prints. DSC_0241_med