After several months of having this blog kick around in my head, I’m ready to put in into print. A close friend and fellow artist, Caitlin Kelley, consistently reminds me that “you have to start with where you are in order to get where you want to go.” This blog is precisely that: an understanding of where I am on my path to becoming a professional artist. The purpose of this blog is to open up a dialog with friends – both old and new – and family. I will post my new projects, sketches, inspiration, show reviews etc. Not only is this blog a way for me to stay focused with my work, but it is an opportunity to engage with others about my art and the art/design world in general.

Recently I have re-kindled my love for printmaking. On an impulse, I picked up a scrap piece of wood resting against my neighbor’s trash heap and brought it home. The last woodcut I completed was a piece based on Erich Heckel’s 1919 Portrait of a Man (shown below), which was for a project in high school.

Yes, I was lucky enough to attend a high school with an excellent printer who taught me all that I know about the trade. Throughout this long absence from printing, it – and my love for German Expressionism – remained close to my heart, which may explain the sudden urge to break out my carving tools.  After several weeks of staring at this 20 x 24 in. block, I sifted through my recent figure studies to select which one would serve as my re-entry into printing.  The less I over-think a project, the better the outcome, so I followed my gut and dove into the carving with only a rough sketch on the wood. I forgot what a joy it is to carve. I love how tactile the process is, and I found myself constantly running my fingers over the grooves. I am very pleased with the outcome, and in fact, this piece has resulted in my first sale!    I was part of an event hosted by Nest,  an amazing organization that empowers female artists and artisans around the world through interest-free micro-finance loans. The event, Beauty & Justice: A marketplace & Art show,  was organized by my friend, Rachel, who is on their board in San Francisco.

Seated Girl